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©Karl Samyn

Last modified :
         July 6 2012


First Installation : Copy TOOLS\RECORD.ACC & SCR_DMP.ACC on C. If you have GEMVIEW, you may copy GEMVIEW.MOD\ICN.GVS in the GVWSAVE folder and GEMVIEW.MOD\EURAW.GVL in GVWLOAD. That's as simple as this ...

Hello folks, here it is finally : the html-version of the Eureka manual.

What will you find in this Eureka Manual?

  • You will get a description of all the functions that are supported by Eureka. This description won't be complete in this version, but the most special functions will be described and explained. Hopefully the list will be complete in the next version.
  • You will also find a translation of the French documentation file here. It won't be completely the same but you will recognize the same structure and examples.
  • More examples.
  • ...

Table of contents

  1. Short description
  2. System-menu (elementary math)
    1. In the plane
      1. Cartesian
      2. Polar
      3. 2D images
    2. In space
      1. Affine space
      2. Cylindrical coordinates
      3. Spherical coordinates
      4. 3D parametrised
  3. Graph-menu (Eureka Specials)
  4. Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT)
    1. DFT of a sinus
    2. Tuning of a guitar
      1. Using samples
      2. Calculating the DFT of our sample
      3. Discussion of the result
  5. The curves of Bode
    1. System theory
      1. Basic knowledge
      2. Harmonic analyse of a linear system
    2. Filters with OPAMs
      1. OPAM
      2. Determination of H(p)
      3. Band passage filter
    3. More examples (all formulas also available as *.fmu file in directory /bode)
      1. Filter using 2 OPAM's
      2. Filter from a telephone central
      3. Special case
  6. Functions supported by Eureka